Diversified Marketing Systems Website Design
Diversified Marketing Systems provides web consulting services for a variety of professional and commercial clients, using current state of the art technologies


  Content Management

The content management system (CMS) in our e-commerce and organizational sites gives you direct control over your web site content; allowing you to make updates in real-time, without having to rely on other parties. Our management back ends are intuitive, and customized to meet your needs.


Every business is different. We custom design your e-commerce web site to properly fit the specific needs of your business. Our site design and shopping cart application are designed to make it easy for your customers to use your website. DMSI has developed e-commerce sites offering as many as 10,000 items for sale, in over 120 categories.

Search Engine Optimization


GOOGLE search engine optimization, incorporates a group of prescribed methods for getting your site optimally positioned and displayed on Google search engine result pages (SERPs).

We incorporate a combination of GOOGLE preferred SEO techniques to optimize your organic (non-paid) listing and appearance on GOOGLE in local, regional, or national markets.

Search Engine Marketing

While SEO is an effective way of getting your information out there, it may take some time for GOOGLE to list and give you the ranking that you want on GOOGLE'S search engine result page (SERP).

Using GOOGLE ADWORDS is an effective way of getting your site listing properly positioned on GOOGLE SERPs right away. Perhaps you've seen ads appearing in some of your searches on GOOGLE. Using Adwords, you pay GOOGLE on a pay per click (PPC) basis. While it requires a financial outlay, if properly managed, Adwords can favorably position your product or service on GOOGLE right out of the starting gate.

Fortunately, DMSI has an industry recognized GOOGLE ADWORDS expert on staff, who has run many large-scale international campaigns for companies like Name Cheap (an international hosting company), and many others.

  Responsive Design

With an ever growing number of mobile devices and tablets on the market, controlling the customer experience on your site is becoming increasingly difficult.

Today, 70% of web browsing is done on mobile devices.
Unfortunately, large amounts of detail on a large screen may appear as clutter on a mobile screen.

This is where responsive design comes in.
We develop sites that respond to the size of the user's display; presenting a clean, effective presentation on large desktop monitors as well as a tiny smart phone screens.

Mobile Phones

Small screen sizes limit the content complexity you can present to the user without overcrowding the screen and losing your effectiveness.

Our mobile solution breaks your website down into only the essential elements a mobile user needs; keeping it simple, while still being engaging.

Company Background
n addition to website development, Diversified Marketing Systems (DMSI), brings to the table over 30 years of extensive experience in software development, project management, information technology, and operations management. 

Some of the large scale projects include: